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Service API Testing

You use the Signadot SDK to setup a Sandbox to run API tests for any Service without implementing mocks of Services it depends on. You get a higher level interface to create Sandboxes in Kubernetes that abstracts away infrastructure concerns.

To understand how Signadot gives you sandbox environments to run tests, refer to the section on how it works. You write an API test using the Signadot SDK as follows:

  1. Set up a Sandbox by forking one or more workloads and get corresponding endpoint URLs
  2. Use a endpoint URL to run API tests using any API testing framework of your choice
  3. After the tests are run, teardown the Sandbox to save cluster resources

You run tests at any phase of the software development lifecycle before your change impacts other developers. For example:

  • Locally from your workstations
  • For a Pull Request before merging
  • After a commit to a private branch
  • After a commit to master but before deploying to a shared environment

Signadot supports the following SDKs: