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Sandbox Endpoints

Sandbox Endpoints are the primary interface to access services running in a sandbox. Once a sandbox environment has been set up, we need a way to send requests into it for either manual or automated testing. These requests can be sent conveniently through sandbox endpoints. Sandbox endpoints are served by the Signadot backend, and provide authentication, request routing, and proxying of requests into the sandbox's associated cluster.

Endpoints can point to workloads/services running within Kubernetes, or to a URL external to (but accessible from) the Kubernetes cluster, depending on where the test requests are to be sent.

One or more endpoints can be defined in the sandbox specification, and when the Sandbox is created, a URL corresponding to each endpoint is returned in the response. When requests are sent to these URLs, the context corresponding to the particular sandbox they are associated with gets added automatically, which enables them to route requests to/through test workloads in the sandbox.

Learn More

For more details on different kinds of endpoints that you can use and how to set them up, check out the sandbox endpoints reference.