Previewing changes in Pull Requests


You can use Signadot Workspaces to create new environments for every Pull Request by integrating it into your continuous integration pipeline. Once integrated, each pull request will have a preview URL associated with it that can be used to access and test the version of the service under development in that pull request.


First, you must select the repository on which you want to enable Signadot's CI integration. Before beginning, please ensure that the Signadot Dashboard is configured such that it has permissions to access this repository.

Once you have selected a particular repository, you can now start modifying the CI pipeline that runs on creation on pull requests. We will be adding a new step to this pipeline - one to create the Signadot Workspace when the PR is created. Signadot automatically posts the Preview and Dashboard URLs as a PR status.

Creating a Workspace for a Pull Request

The additional step you will be adding to the CI pipeline is to create a Signadot Workspace when a PR is created or updated. This is handled by a call to the Workspace API. You can see details on how to make this call in the Create or Update workspace from Pull Request API.


GitHub Actions

If you are using GitHub Actions, you can refer to this example to configure your action.

When the API call is issued, Signadot will post the workspace dashboard and preview URLs as commit statuses on the given headCommit, making them accessible from the PR's checks list as seen below.

Using Preview URLs

For more on how to test using the preview URL, refer to the section on Using Preview URLs.

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