Signadot enables previews & testing of every code branch against real dependencies so that you get a high degree of confidence before you commit your changes. Signadot integrates with CI tools to spin up branch versions of services within sandboxes in a QA/Staging Kubernetes cluster. These sandboxes are part of virtual environments called Workspaces. Services in Workspaces have access to all dependent services running in the Kubernetes cluster.

Signadot provides convenient Preview URLs to access Services in Workspaces. You use Preview URLs to verify your changes using tools like cURL/Postman or run automated API tests.


Signadot Workspaces can be used for a variety of use-cases such as:

  1. Enable testing with real dependencies as opposed to using mocks
  2. Enable isolated testing before code is merged to a shared code branch (e.g for a Pull Request)
  3. Enable stakeholders to access previews of the entire application at any point, as features are being built

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